Gippsland Field Day: Water Cycle & Soil Carbon

April 5, 2023 10:30 AM

Newry, VIC

Edges of Innovation

Farmers, land and water managers, industry associations, researchers, governments, and communities are all grappling with the complex challenges of looking after our precious natural resources whilst ensuring sustainable farming businesses. There’s a lot we collectively ‘know’ alongside what we don’t. There’s a lot of diversity of views.

Farmers like Kate Mirams and Pete Neaves find themselves pushing up against the edge of innovation in their farming and business practice, as they try to learn, implement and share the farming practices that will heal the landscape and the water cycle, whilst keeping their business strong and profitable.

They feel the shared urgency and responsibility to “learn like mad” and implement the practices that will address some of the biggest challenges of our time. Kate and Pete greatly appreciate the opportunity to come together with diverse thinkers, to share, learn and develop new ways of moving forward collectively.

Water Cycle for Healthy Soils


  • What is a healthy water cycle?
  • Actions that contribute to loss of water cycle
  • Maintaining a healthy water cycle
  • Why carbon in soil requires water cycling
  • How carbon in soil builds drought resilience
  • Measuring carbon in soil as a crop
  • Q&A Session

Get Involved

Demo & Prac: we invite you to bring about 250g of your best and worst top soil and soil from 30 cm deep and 4 empty jars to participate.


Newry Hall,

139-141 Main Road,

Newry, VIC


5th April 2023

10:30am–2:30pm (a break for lunch included)